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Re: [Libreplanet-dev] A proposal for better usability

From: dotcommon
Subject: Re: [Libreplanet-dev] A proposal for better usability
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 20:05:12 +0200

Il giorno mar, 14/04/2009 alle 22.28 +0000, Peter ha scritto:
> On Tuesday 14 April 2009 18:55, dotcommon wrote:
> >
> > So, the proposal is that all (either new) pages should have the same
> > header with the same links as in the home page... something like:
> >
> > LibrePlanetXXXXXX
> > Home | FAQ | Join | Mission | Skills | News | Projects |       | Usage |
> >
> > I think this could be quite easy to achieve (I suppose just modifing a
> > template) and very important for a better usability.
> That is exactly the plan:)
> Work on the templates stopped because the wiki doesn't support the required 
> functionality and will need major rework once it is upgraded.
> However, if you want the menubars now, I will continue working on them.
> Regards,
> Peter

Menubars are not so necessary to me... but they could be useful for
other users and, moreover, for most of the lp vistors (avoiding they
lost themselves while browsing lp groups pages and giving a better
"look" to lp).

So, if the required effort is not too much, I think it should be better
having menubars in all the lp groups pages. But it is to you :-)


alexus / dotcommon

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