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[Libreplanet-dev] New Member Introduction

From: Scott Canney
Subject: [Libreplanet-dev] New Member Introduction
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 13:54:45 -0400


My name is Scott Canney and I'd like to introduce myself as a new member of the LibrePlanet team. I recently graduated with an MBA from Bentley University and I am looking to put my knowledge and skills to use to help LibrePlanet however I can. One of my main interests in helping out LibrePlanet and the FSF in general is spreading the awareness of free software, primarily to consumer end-users. I believe there exists a great opportunity in increasing awareness among general end users of free software applications that can act as alternatives to the expensive, proprietary applications today. I am a long time user and evangelist of programs like GIMP, Audacity, Open Office, etc. and think that with the right marketing free software titles like these can one day dominate the industry. Furthermore, although many see the tough economic situation we're in today as a threat, I see it as an opportunity for free software to truly broaden its user base, when many are looking for inexpensive solutions to their software needs.

As a newbie to the group, I am still learning the different aspects and goals of LibrePlanet and other groups, so I'd like to welcome any suggestions on how I can help the group or anyone else on their individual projects.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Scott E. Canney

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