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[Libreplanet-us-wa] Meeting on Saturday May 15

From: Aubrey Raech
Subject: [Libreplanet-us-wa] Meeting on Saturday May 15
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 14:13:06 -0700

Hey everyone!

This is an alert that we ARE having a Libreplanet WA meeting this
Saturday, May 15. It will be at 5pm at the  Elysian Brewing Company at
1221 E Pike St on Capitol Hill, as stated on the wiki [1].

I for one would like to talk about the recent Mozilla decision
regarding DRM [2][3], and maybe even some of this Oracle v Google
decision I heard about on FAIF [4], but the 'meetings' are usually very
free-form and laid back.

I'll be there, probably with my Gluglug out, maybe even wearing a GNU
beanie so y'all can recognize the group. Basically just look for the

Anyone else know they're coming?



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