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Announcement: Mailinglist migration.

From: Torsten Irländer
Subject: Announcement: Mailinglist migration.
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:03:37 +0200
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As this is my first post here on the list I like to give a short
introduction of myself. My name is Torsten Irländer and right now I am
doing a practical year at Intevation. I was not involved in the
Skencil development so far, but because i meet Berhard Herzog und
Berhard Reiter every at day Intevation I am getting into it :).

So back to topic.
The migration of Skencil away from Savannah and Sourceforge to a
GForge System hosted on was already announced in
Bernhard R. Mail[0].

After a succsessfull migration of CVS and the project-website it is
time to migrate the mailinglists too. 

So i want to announce that the mailinglists

* sketch-devel at
* sketch-devel at
* sketch-list at

will be moved to wald soon. 

What are the next steps?
The current mailings lists will be moved to wald. You will get a
subscription mail. 
After that the old lists will be set to moderated.

No action is required by your site for this.

best regards
Torsten Irländer
Torsten Irländer                                    Intevation GmbH


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