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Re: [Accessibility] Updating the accessibility statement

From: Devin Prater
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] Updating the accessibility statement
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2020 19:55:03 -0600

I don’t have any evidence. I wish I did. The lack of one well-defined standard, and QT’s pretty bad accessibility so far, really don’t offer much hope. But for individual development teams, maybe there is future in that at least. I was able to get Retroarch accessible, and that is a big win, for me at least. Now, I don’t know if they’ll do any more for us, and I don’t know if that will be the way most developers will react, but I think that if we make it big enough, the FSF could be convinced to give more money to fund accessibility research, or accessible packages and sites. I try not to be too hopeful about these things, because like large companies, large organizations do not have to care. Even more so, large organizations usually aren’t as organized, may not be held accountable, so can care less than companies. But maybe there is some hope, at least. Well, unless we get to the point where developers say, for example, “well there are blind coders, so they can make an operating system. Oh hey, there’s Slint, why are you bothering us  Cinnamon devs and not using your blind OS?” On a better note, imagine, a desktop interface which is a joy to use. Then again, Microsoft had sort of that goal too, and after four years, I still don’t enjoy using windows 10, with its, audibly speaking, text only, monochrome interface with its ribbons, workarounds, and screen readers with hotkeys which are awful to teach sometimes because Insert + F12 has no meaning anymore, taken from Insert + F11, system tray, and Insert + F10, window list. I’ll probably write a short blog post about that.

On Jan 21, 2020, at 7:25 PM, Sina Bahram <address@hidden> wrote:

Sorry, and I don’t mean this to sound pointed, but what is the evidence that FSF hasn’t lost steam on accessibility?
Not wanting to be pessimistic or dismissive of efforts, especially those I may not know about.
Just asking a factual question.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 8:20 PM
To: Michael P. Gorse <address@hidden>
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Subject: Re: [Accessibility] Updating the accessibility statement
I’m so glad my post, hurriedly written as it was, has prompted such discussion. I do not know how we can get the accessibility statement updated, as any technical blind people who come across it will see the FSF as having cared years ago, but having lost steam on accessibility. I think that presentation matters, especially in documentation, keeping it all up to date. For example, and I should contact them about this, the Fedora documentation starting with the linked node, talks of hardware speech synthesis, of which the  Assistive Technology department I work for only has a Triple Talk USB without a serial cable, nor a serial to USB converter, to use with Emacspeak. What blind person, who would perceive this as very old software, would use it?
I am, however, eager to learn of what the KDE folks have been doing over the past year since the blog post I linked to in my email which started the thread. I don’t know any Linux distribution whose aim for accessibility is to make their desktop a joy to use. That sounds like a foreign goal to Linux distributions, but it sounds like music to my ears. I’d give much for an operating system which is not only productive, but a joy to use!

On Jan 21, 2020, at 5:01 PM, Michael P. Gorse <address@hidden> wrote:
Another thing that might be worth pointing out is that gtk 4 will be an 
API break and will be installable in parallel with gtk 3. Over time, 
applications will likely be ported to gtk 4. Hopefully I'll know more 
after the hackfest.

As far as the GNOME settings dialogue goes, do you know whether there's an 
open issue for it on

On Tue, 21 Jan 2020, Dave Hunt wrote:

Michael,  I'm glad you are able to attend the upcoming hackfest, and hope that, with the Hypra folks, We can move forward. 

My friends' concern is that the major distributors of GNU/Linux will abandon GTK 3, in favor of GTK 4, before there is accessibility, thus, leaving us stranded.  On first hearing this news, I put Windows 10 onto one of my machines and
began exploring its accessibility. However, Slint GNU/Linux remains on my other machine, I still send a little to the FSF every month, and plan to run or assist with an installfest at Libreplanet this year. 


Dave  H.

On 1/21/20 4:11 PM, Michael P. Gorse wrote:

There is a gtk hackfest the week 
after next where accessibility will be discussed. I will be there for part 
of it, as will several people from Hypra, so I hope that we'll be able to 
come to an agreement as to how to move forward.

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