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Re: [Accessibility] Updating the accessibility statement

From: MENGUAL Jean-Philippe
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] Updating the accessibility statement
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020 11:40:40 +0100
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Le 21/01/2020 à 22:22, Dave Hunt a écrit :
Michael,  I'm glad you are able to attend the upcoming hackfest, and

Yes, I am glad too, thanks Michael. His presence will be needed. to support Hypra effortqs. Yours too, guys: reply to the bugs quoted here by Michael, etc Later, according to the hackfest result, we will need a commuity eeffort on social network, or crowd funding. So let's prepare our community now, the struggle will be hard.

hope that, with the Hypra folks, We can move forward.

Our hope is firstly to explain to GTK guys why is important to stay accessible: what users, what usages, from what state of mind of free software, etc. ONce this "culture" accepted, wi can discuss about the technical solutions. It is essential to have with us persons like Michael or Samuel, as they can debate with GTK, explain what is realistic and not, etc. I am awareof the high responsibility we have during this hackfest for the future.

My friends' concern is that the major distributors of GNU/Linux will abandon GTK 3, in favor of GTK 4, before there is accessibility, thus, leaving us stranded.  On first hearing this news, I put Windows 10 onto one of my machines and began exploring its accessibility. However, Slint GNU/Linux remains on my other machine, I still send a little to the FSF every month, and plan to run or assist with an installfest at Libreplanet this year.

Well, let's be calm, guys. If we rely on Debian for example, I think GTK3 will be removed in at least five or more years. It will take a long to have all apps ihn GTK4 (note some are still in GTK2). The most accessible desktop, MATE, is not migrating to GTK4 yet. So in distros based on Debian, we really have at least five years of calm. The most difficult deadline may be wether the video drivers decide to only do drivers for Wayland, because GTK3 does not seem compatible with it. Hence the fact I stay careful saying five years and not more.

Five years, it lest time to discuss, fund, developing things. Hypra will dedicat all power in this, in support with Orca dev and other community devs. If GTK does not goes forward, we can switch to Qt, discussions go forward too to make KDE accessible.

So even if the emergency is true given the lack of accessibility culture of GTK, lets trust GNU/Linux accessibility, which will be maintained. Bet let's prepare a communication struggle and, maybe, a funding effort from the community.



Dave  H.

On 1/21/20 4:11 PM, Michael P. Gorse wrote:
There is a gtk hackfest the week
after next where accessibility will be discussed. I will be there for part
of it, as will several people from Hypra, so I hope that we'll be able to
come to an agreement as to how to move forward.

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