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[Aeskulap-users] multibyte character responses to sever queries?

From: Michael A. Miller
Subject: [Aeskulap-users] multibyte character responses to sever queries?
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 16:06:42 -0500

Dear Aeskulap users, 

I'm evaluating aeskulap and have come up against a problem with
querying a conquest dicom server.  Findscu responses from the
server are returned with multibyte strings and no information
about the specific character set.  For example, StudyDate
(0008,0020) may be "32\30\30\33\30\38\31\33", rather than
"20030813".  Aeskulap reads the first element and reports the
study date incorrectly as "32".  The same happens with other
query responses, PatientsName, and so on.  The server does not
specify the character set used for the query responses.

Has anyone successfully gotten aeskulap to interpret these sort
of strings?  

Mike Miller

Michael A. Miller                               address@hidden
  Imaging Sciences, Department of Radiology, IU School of Medicine

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