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[Aeskulap-users] Question about file name display

From: aquan
Subject: [Aeskulap-users] Question about file name display
Date: Sun, 08 May 2016 00:38:16 +0200


I'm using Aeskulap to display a bunch of dicom files, everything works nice, I 
click open... then select all the files from the series
and view them using a mouse scroll bar. I would like to ask, if it's possible 
to see what the currently viewed file name is?
I have a sequence of 144 images in a serie, their file names are IMG0001... 
IMG0144. I want to locate the file, that's displayed
in Aeskulap as file number 104, but IMG0104 is a different file, so they're 
viewed in some other order than on disk.
Is it possible that such feature will appear in new Aeskulap version one day, 
or is it available now and I just can't find it?

Best regards from Poland,

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