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[Agplmail-dev] AJAX prettiness/functionality

From: Tim Dobson
Subject: [Agplmail-dev] AJAX prettiness/functionality
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 12:07:25 +0000
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I've been looking at
and I decided to have a look at some of the ideas to prettify agplmail.

Firstly, spell checking:

for plain text at least, I suspect the GPL licenced AJAX program from
will function out of the box though I suspect there may be problems when it comes to the html compose version I think these will probably be solvable.

I think this could quickly implemented in ~5 mins though html spell checking may take extra time..

Secondly, I was thinking it might be nice to load different pages by that i mean like different folders - allmail, inbox, bin and tags etc without reloading the page.

Finding freely licenced code to do this seems extraordinarily difficult and until we find another program we may be able to use
as a reference to write our own...
I will keep looking I have come across some good but badly licenced ones so far :(

Thirdly, I was thinking it might be nice to be able to click heading at the top of your inbox/tagbox/bin etc and be able to sort your mail on all the criteria you have available.

The MIT/X11 licenced program found here: looks good for that purpose and implementation looks trivial. things to worry about include whether it will upset the Select unread/read/all/none script and whether the users will accept only being to sort the stuff in that particular folder view or whether we should be looking to implement something like this at server level

Of these three things I think the first thing should be moved forward on the roadmap because it looks so trivial to implement, I think the second thing is the most important one to get sorted out and though the third thing would be nice it is not mission critical or looking easy...

I don't know what else we should be looking at to make agplmail look better/do stuff better...



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