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[Apso-devel] CryptEngine specific keypair

From: Caio Marcelo
Subject: [Apso-devel] CryptEngine specific keypair
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 19:01:50 -0300


After re-reading apso.info I think that there must be a way to the user create a
keypair for a specific CryptEngine using Apso, in other words, our CryptEngine
abstract class must have methods (virtual functions) to create keypairs. Today
only option (for Nettle) is use a program rsa-keygen inside the
test-data directory,
which doesn't work (because of the arch), and the source doesn't compile either.

A related question: how hard would be to use Monotone keys to
encrypting data too?
This would make user's life very easier, since there's just one
keypair (mtn one). The
keypair from Monotone is specific for what protocol/algorithm? Does
Nettle support that?

 Caio Marcelo

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