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[Architect-discuss] Re: [pocket-linux] System Architect Project is Movin

From: David Horton
Subject: [Architect-discuss] Re: [pocket-linux] System Architect Project is Moving Forward
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 17:25:28 -0500
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Broeisi Rast wrote:
I just learned BASH so I'm eager to help with making some recipes.
I'm not a bash expert yet... but this a great chance to learn some bash
tricks... I guess...

David I want to help.... just tell where to begin...
I already signed the system architect mailing list.
So I'll be waiting...



I'm always happy to have an offer of help.  Thanks for your interest.

Here is how I've been going about doing the recipes.

1. Choose a source code package, figure out how to build it and write down the steps.

2. Make sure that the installation conforms to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard guidelines. My preference is to keep the / partition very uncluttered. So if FHS does not say it goes in /, it should not install there. Take a look at the coreutils-5.0 recipe for an example.

3. Once you know how to build it, make a recipe script using the template file or another recipe.

Sometimes these steps overlap and blend together.

I'll be working on making recipes from the sources used in the Pocket Linux Guide and I will add them to CVS on Savannah.

Here's some stuff I could really use help with:

If anyone has a package that would be good to add, please make a recipe for it (or just write down the steps) and share it with the group. Also find out if it has any dependencies on other libraries besides glibc.

We also need to finding ways to install on various types of media besides floppy disks. For example hard drives, Zip disks, bootable CD-ROM's, flash cards, network boot, etc. If anyone has a device that can be booted with a kernel and a static root shell, please share your knowledge.


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