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Re: [Architect-discuss] Re: [pocket-linux] System Architect Project is M

From: David Horton
Subject: Re: [Architect-discuss] Re: [pocket-linux] System Architect Project is Moving Forward
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 15:56:58 -0500
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Broeisi Rast wrote:

What's the idea about those recipes?
Will they be executable scripts?...or just text scripts?

I mean is it the idea that a user executes ./coreutils and it installs

Or are you planning to include some installer script?



My idea for the recipes is to provide a way to build binary packages from source code. Take coreutils-5.0 as an example. You can read the text of the recipe and it should give some idea of how to install coreutils. You can also use it as an executable to automatically build coreutils and install it into the directory /var/tmp/staging/coreutils-5.0. It does not install directly to the target media which is good, because then you can save it as a tar.gz archive like coreutils-5.0.i386.tar.gz. Then this i386.tar.gz binary package can be installed on the target media. The idea is that you can build a lot of i386.tar.gz archives ahead of time and save them for installing later. Whith enough packages you could fill a CD-ROM and use it to install onto other sytems. The installer script will come later. For now the inistall can be done by mounting the target media and extracting packages with 'tar -zxf packagename.i386.tar.gz'. Of course it needs a kernel, bootloader, etc., but it's a start.


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