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[Architect-discuss] Help to get started

From: Erik Kaiser
Subject: [Architect-discuss] Help to get started
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 16:59:21 +0100

Dear Sir or Madam
Thank you very much for signing me in. Hopefully your mailing list will be able to solve some problems. I recently purchased an asus eee pc 904 ha running on windows xp. To protect my system against viruses ubuntu will be installed. A description how to format the harddisk new and to erase windows completely from the system might be necessary because there already has been a virus. Furthermore I would like to have a website in the style of ebay, but much cheaper for the customers. Some advice where and how to get started, which software would be suitable, if there are already ready made systems for this purpose, how to install them in the web, how to protect and take care of them is also very helpful. Starting from zero with linux, I currently depend on some help to organise the site. Some answers would be great. How do we get into contact ?
With Regards
Erik Kaiser
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