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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] multi-file support

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] multi-file support
Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 20:09:19 +0200
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* David Kastrup (2005-05-06) writes:

> Ralf Angeli <address@hidden> writes:
>> While I dislike the solution used until AUCTeX 11.14 for the reasons
>> explained earlier, I wanted to have a look at it nevertheless both
>> as a possible basis for a better implementation and for working with
>> an alternative approach which would better support the 'shared case.
>> And while this feels to me like laying a gun in the hand of somebody
>> else, you can find a patch reverting the implementation to 11.14
>> attached to this mail.
> AFAIR, 11.14 was quite more broken than 11.13.  Although 11.13 was
> broken already.

I could not find any changes regarding master file handling between
11.13 and 11.14.

>> Some remarks.  As mentioned earlier, the dynamic parts of the menus
>> are now implemented with menu filters.  Contrary to what we
>> discussed earlier, the filter functions will be called as soon as
>> `easy-menu-add' is executed which means _very_ early during mode
>> setup.  So after applying the patch, loading a LaTeX file won't work
>> correctly anymore.
> Sigh.  We are going in circles.  You object to what I consider the
> best user interface by pointing to the broken implementations.

Hey, I wanted to look for alternatives by testing this.  This was not
intended as a means for bashing the old implementation.

>> While playing with it, I saw the strangest errors, like ending up in
>> fundamental mode or getting a backtrace about trying to use a menu
>> from within a menu-entry.
> Yes, those were the kind of things that made us switch schemes.  The
> way you stated you had reimplemented the stuff, it sounded like it
> might have become possible to avoid this kind of stuff.  If this is
> not the case, too bad.  Then we'll have to close the case again until
> somebody can come up with something that works.

Well, I was able to delay the execution of the menu filters' guts with
stuff like (unless (eq major-mode 'fundamental-mode) ...) or by moving
the `easy-menu-add' calls to a position further down mode

>> I am not sure if it is an Emacs bug that the menu filters are called
>> during menu creation.
> Almost sounds like it.

Actually I doubt it because I don't see a reason why it should not be


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