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[AUCTeX-devel] Release notes and file name for Emacs/AUCTeX bundle

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Release notes and file name for Emacs/AUCTeX bundle
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:13:14 +0200
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Attached you can find the release notes for a CVS Emacs bundled with
AUCTeX and pre-compiled for Windows.  I'd be grateful for additions,
corrections, and other comments.

I intend to put the pre-compiled archive as into the directory /gnu/auctex/ on and the sources of Emacs and AUCTeX as into the same directory.  Does
anybody see a problem with that?  I know the name is close to the RPM
files for Fedora and SuSE, but they match the content quite well, so I
kept them.

Release notes for Emacs/AUCTeX bundle

Package date:   2005-10-12
Emacs version:  22.0.50 (CVS check-out on 2005-10-12)
AUCTeX version: 11.81


This package provides a development version of GNU Emacs pre-compiled
for MS Windows together with AUCTeX (incl. preview-latex).


Simply unpack the ZIP file at the desired location.  You can start
Emacs by executing runemacs.exe in the `bin' subdirectory.

More information on setting up Emacs and AUCTeX can be found in their
manuals accessible with `C-h i d m Emacs RET' or `C-h i d m AUCTeX
RET' respectively.  Although the distribution is pre-compiled it is
advisable to read the respective sections about installation
nevertheless for they may provide information about how to finalize
the setup, e.g. which kind of auxiliary software is required for
AUCTeX and preview-latex, how to set it up, and how to configure your
operating system to make Emacs and AUCTeX aware of it.

In this distribution AUCTeX and its preview-latex subsystem are
already activated, i.e. it will be loaded and used automatically once
you open a LaTeX file (or any other file type supported by AUCTeX).
Therefore you don't have to cater for this yourself, can skip the
respective parts of the manual, and look for configuration options.
You will probably want to activate parsing as described on the first
page of AUCTeX's manual.

The activation was done by placing the activation files `auctex.el'
and `preview-latex.el' in a `site-start.d' directory below the
`site-lisp' directory.  Any file found in this directory will get
loaded by the `site-start.el' file included in the distribution.

Build options and procedure

The distribution was configured and built the following way.

Image libraries for PNG, TIFF, and XPM image types were obtained from
the GnuWin32 project (<URL:>) and compiled
according to the accompanying instructions.  In particular the
packages libpng-1.2.8.exe, tiff-3.7.2.exe, xpm-3.5.1-1.exe, and
zlib-1.2.2.exe were used for generating the DLLs which where put into
Emacs' `bin' directory.

Emacs was checked out from CVS according to the instructions at
<URL:> and configured with the
following command:

  configure --with-gcc --prefix=<drive>:/path/to/emacs/install/dir \
    --cflags -I<drive>:/path/to/GnuWin32/include

It was built and installed with the commands

  make bootstrap
  make install

AUCTeX 11.81 was obtained from <URL:> and
configured with the following command:

  ./configure --prefix=<drive>:/path/to/emacs/install/dir \
    --without-texmf-dir --with-kpathseaseparator=';'

It was built and installed with the command

  make && make install


Emacs and AUCTeX are licensed under the GPL.  Their source code can be
obtained from the same location as the pre-compiled Emacs/AUCTeX
package.  Please refer to the file COPYING in the `emacs' directory of
the ZIP archive for further information.

Copyright and license notices of the packaged image libraries are
included in the file COPYING-IMAGELIBS in the `emacs' directory of the
ZIP archive.

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