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[AUCTeX-devel] Package coverage...

From: David Kastrup
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Package coverage...
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 20:32:37 +0100
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here is what I think about coverage for the next release:

XEmacs package: probably the most annoying issue.  You saw the recent
discussions, and I hope you'll agree that we'll probably do XEmacs
users a favor by providing our own XEmacs packages of AUCTeX for
download.  While the average user will likely not use the package
system and instead use sumo tarballs, at least we can point to an
up-to-date package under our control and maintenance.  And of course,
this package should provide a well-defined starting point for Uwe (or
whoever else) to get something into the XEmacs package repository

RPM: At the current point of time, we just provide SuSE RPMs for
Emacs.  XEmacs is left out in the cold, Fedora has fallen behind.
While the Fedora-extras project has made an RPM of their own, they
have disabled preview-latex.  I don't think this cuts it.  So with the
next release, I'd want to at least provide whatever we happen to
provide for SuSE.  I'll boot into my old system for that purpose,
which would probably be somewhere between FC2 and FC3 and should
create working packages for current systems, I guess.

Windows: nicely catered for by Ralf's combined CVS-Emacs/AUCTeX
package.  We should take care to pick a good version of CVS-Emacs,
however.  Currently, links in non-active windows have stopped working
which is very annoying.

MacOSX: yaced <URL:> appears to pick up
AUCTeX releases and Emacs very well.  No special efforts of ours
required AFAICS.  The same appears to hold for Aquamacs

Debian: Davide appears to be missing in action again.  No idea what to
do about this.  It would certainly seem desirable to get AUCTeX to
11.8x (and thus preview-latex merged) before the next Debian freeze

I have no idea whether it would be advisable to ask Ohura Makoto (the
current preview-latex maintainer) or Frank K├╝ster (who at one time was
shortly before a NMU or whatever they call it) whether they'd be
willing to consider catering for AUCTeX.

Things I would want to fix in our code before the next release:

a) context menus on preview icons don't work for some reason.  Needs

b) mouse-1 action on previews/preview icons in CVS Emacs should be the
same as mouse-2 except for long button presses.  CVS Emacs has the
mechanisms in place for that in principle, but I have not been able to
get it to work,

c) we should enable the LaTeX toolbar by default (and make it
reasonably easy to disable it).  But I don't want extra files to get
loaded for people who don't use toolbars.

Anything else?

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum

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