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[AUCTeX-devel] Re: Adding preview-latex support to Fedora Extra package

From: Jonathan Underwood
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Re: Adding preview-latex support to Fedora Extra package of auctex
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 11:54:08 +0100

On 24/04/06, David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:
> Mail to the list arrives even from non-members, after I moderate it
> through.  And the latency is not worse than writing to myself.

> Have you taken an actual look at the current spec file from AUCTeX
> itself in CVS or the latest "SuSE" src RPM package?  It reportedly
> works with Fedora, too.

I looked at the spec file included in the tarball, yes - and mostly
just used what was in there, tweaking what was needed to work for

> I have glanced through the Fedora Extras spec file, since we don't do
> a too convincing job of putting our "Advice for package providers" in
> the AUCTeX documentation to work in our own spec file.  However, it
> seems to me like Fedora's own spec file does an even worse job even
> after your fixes.  And you are missing out on providing a lot of
> features that are expected to be available on Fedora when
> preview-latex (or the LaTeX part of it) is installed (for the sake of
> LyX et al), and on obsoletions and conflicts (such as a preexisting
> preview package).  And the package will conflict with teTeX 3.0 which
> has its own preview.sty.

OK, thanks for the pointers on the conflicts. Could you elaborate on
what functionality we're not exposing though?

Regarding the preview.sty shipped with tetex 3.0 - what do you
recommend is the best approach here - is the version shipped with
auctex considered the more up to date?

One thing I did notice is that the spec file from the tarball didn't
call texhash on installation such that preview wouldn't work - it
would be well worth adding that (if it hasn't been already).

> So before you invest further work into this, you might want to
> consider looking at the existing spec file in development (or the SuSE
> source RPM we provide on AUCTeX's download area which has a slightly
> more up to date specfile than is present in the last released
> tarball), and also the guidelines for packaging AUCTeX we put together
> in its documentation, since we already _have_ invested time and work
> and thought in that matter and there is little point in not making use
> of it.

Will do - thanks for the pointer.

Best wishes,

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