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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] toolbar quality.

From: Miguel V. S. Frasson
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] toolbar quality.
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 18:18:51 -0200

Dear David and others


    ;; un-reverting variables
    (setq default (nreverse default))
    (setq top     (nreverse top))
    (setq right   (nreverse right))
    (setq bottom  (nreverse bottom))
    (setq left    (nreverse left))

It is clear from the preceding code that the values on which nreverse
is executed are _not_ consed there but passed in from other data
structures, and as a result, those other data structures are
_destroyed_ in the process.

You are partially right here.  But not that I didn't check if there
was destroyed data by these nreverse's.  That it is nasty code, I
agree completely.  This code is in wrong place.  It should be inside
the function that returns to toolbar-props (line 1604).  That function
decides which buttons go to which toolbars (in XEmacs), putting
buttons (vectors) on top of piles, make a new list of piles and return
it.  It should reverse the pile before returning, actually.  Terrible


    (let (tool-bar-map)
      (set (make-local-variable 'tool-bar-map) (make-sparse-keymap))

There are real errors here. Before, I used tool-bar-add-item-from-menu
that always inserted toolbar menu items is tool-bar-map directly
(before there was no tool-bar-local-item-from-menu), so I had to
let-bind tool-bar-map.  Then I changed interface (I mount the toolbar
menu item and use define-key-after directly), but didn't remove this
workaround from here.  This is a bug.  If I recall correctly this code
could have been changed by somebody else (Reiner?) atending to I bug

And we have repeated reports that enabling/disabling the toolbar
renders Emacs and/or XEmacs non-functional in certain circumstances.

I don't remember of anything like this.

If we don't find anybody willing to
a) audit the toolbar code and fix obvious blunders like the ones I
b) get acquainted more than superficially with its operation

I don't see how we can justify leaving it enabled by default.  The
current state of affairs does not cut it.

Miguel, any chance you'll be able to look at some of the problems?

It is embarassing for me that I kept so long silent and no real
support.  We need results now.  I have time to develop the toolbar
this end of year.  I have in my laptop a completely new implementation
of toolbar-x.el.

You have been a lot patient for long time with this matter.  Give me
two more months.  Then if I don't comply with AUCTeX standards, it is
fair to disable the toolbar.


Miguel Vinicius Santini Frasson

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