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[AUCTeX-devel] Re: CVS repository synchronization for RefTeX

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Re: CVS repository synchronization for RefTeX
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 17:01:14 +0100

* Eli Zaretskii (2006-12-30) writes:

>> From: Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>
>> Because I don't want to couple the Emacs and RefTeX release cycles.
> But you might need to do that anyway, since some Emacs features used
> by RefTeX will require a newer Emacs.

RefTeX should be able to be used with both Emacs and XEmacs.
Therefore we'll need to cater for less capable Emacs releases anyway.

> Besides, why not couple them?  What's the problem?

The release cycle of Emacs is simply too long.

>> I already answered part of that question in my last mail.
> What, the need to get several files from different directories?
> That's a non-issue, since a problem that urges a user to fetch a newer
> file is normally solved in a single directory, if not a single file.
> There's no need to fetch the docs if the problem is in Lisp.

Which brings us back to the problem with a hodgepodge of files.  With
AUCTeX we are constantly having problems with people picking up
outdated documentation from the web instead of using the documents
accompanying each release, which are up-to-date and correctly reflect
the features and customization options.  Now you are suggesting to
introduce such incompatibilities with the integrated documentation as
well?  This is not good.

>> Apart from
>> that there are many users who are not really acquainted with CVS
>> (okay, there's the web interface) and with "installing" and
>> byte-compiling single files.  And if those users manage to do that
>> (probably by handholding them through the process) they'll get some
>> hodgepodge of files from releases and CVS.  And providing support for
>> such hodgepodge installations will be quite a nightmare.  I'd really,
>> _really_ like to avoid such a mess.
> This whole mess (and then some) will be completely avoided if you
> decide to stick with Emacs releases.  If you don't, releasing interim
> versions will get you at least some of the trouble, since users will
> be installing those versions in several Emacs versions, and you will
> have problem knowing which ones (as many people nowadays use the CVS
> code).

We'll be defining which versions of Emacs and XEmacs RefTeX will be
compatible with, just like we are doing it now with AUCTeX.


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