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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Help installing precompiled auctex

From: Jan-Åke Larsson
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Help installing precompiled auctex
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 08:49:52 +0200
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David Kastrup wrote:

Guys, I *know* that this is what one should do, and even so I have
difficulty in finding that text in the manual.

(Savannah -> AUCTeX homepage -> Documentation -> AUCTeX manual -> HTML
-> (scroll)Installation -> Installation under MS Windows -> (scroll)(it
should be here somewhere)(no, missed it)(scroll up)(ah, there)

And people running into this problem have never run configure, so they
won't look at this particular spot.

Perhaps it is time to add a FAQ on the AUCTeX website? At least for
things like this, that seems to be asked often.


++?????++ Out of Cheese Error. Please Redo From Start.

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