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[AUCTeX-devel] Emacs regressions [was: Emacs trunk(+AUCTeX) regressions]

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Emacs regressions [was: Emacs trunk(+AUCTeX) regressions]
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 00:39:22 +0100
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As references you can see this thread:

I am able to reproduce the problems independently from AUCTeX, even if
you do not have AUCTeX installed!

To reproduce:

1. build a fresh Emacs-trunk from CVS

2. bunzip the attached (.c) test file

3. start Emacs as:

     emacs test_imenu.c -Q &

4. Now, if you type a key it appears immediately, but if...

5. M-x imenu-add-to-menubar Index

6. Now customize imenu-auto-rescan to true

7. If you now type a key as in (4.) the results are:

      on Cygwin it takes 22 seconds to appeas!
      on GNU/Linux Kubuntu 8.04.02 it takes 4 seconds to appears!

Do you think that this is normal?

8. Re-customize imenu-auto-rescan to false (the default)

9. If you repeat (7.) the character appear immediately!

With CVS <= 20090129 15:30 in all the above case the character appears

I think, here you have a BUG.

For completeness I have attached also the differences 20090129
15:30-15:40 which triggers the problems.


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