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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Commented out displaymath will still activate math en

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Commented out displaymath will still activate math environment
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2009 15:45:10 +0200

* Jorge Adriano Branco Aires (2009-06-30) writes:

> Hello, I'm using xemacs with auctex.
> I noticed that if I write,
> %\begin{displaymath}
> even though it's commented out, latex mode will act as if I'm inside a
> math environment and not let me insert $.
> In case it matters here are the versions of the relevant packages I'm using:
> emacs-auctex-el-11.84-3.inf.noarch
> xemacs-21.5.27-8.inf.i386

Are you sure this "emacs-auctex-el" package is relevant for XEmacs?  It
might provide AUCTeX 11.84 just for Emacs.  Because the problem you are
seeing was taken care of about four years ago.  `C-h v AUCTeX-version
<RET>' will show you which version you are actually using.


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