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[AUCTeX-devel] Add package options to biblatex.el

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Add package options to biblatex.el
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2013 01:26:06 +0100

Hi all,

I'm sending patches for addiing package options to `biblatex.el'.  Before
prompting for package options, AUCTeX will look up biblatex style files in the
system if `TeX-arg-input-file-search' variable is `t', else it will just use for
prompting default biblatex styles.  To tell the truth, it searches only for
`.bbx' files, ie bibliography style files.  Citation style files, with `.cbx'
extension, may be different, but usually if there is a citation style there is
also a corresponding bibliography style.  For example, in my LaTeX distribution
(updated TeX Live 2012) there are 74 citation style files and 4 extra
bibliography style files.  Since in `biblatex' package one can set separately
bibliography and citation style, it would be nicer to have a variable for
bibliography styles and another for citation styles, but searching one for
`.bbx' and one `.cbx' files would require twice the time needed to search only
for `.bbx'.  I've chosen to search only for `.bbx' to keep things simple.

I'm not aware of a possible kpathsea variable for biblatex styles, so I've left
empty the second entry of `LaTeX-search-files-type-alist' element for

Here is the ChangeLog entry:

2013-02-16  Mosè Giordano  <address@hidden>

        * style/biblatex.el ("biblatex"): Add hooks for loaded packages.
        (LaTeX-biblatex-package-options): New function.
        (LaTeX-biblatex-package-options-list): Renamed from
        `LaTeX-biblatex-package-options' to avoid clash with the
        function with the same name.

        * latex.el (LaTeX-search-files-type-alist): Add `bbxinputs'.
        (BibLaTeX-global-style-files): New variable.

        * tex.el (BibLaTeX-style-extensions): New variable.
        (TeX-normal-mode): Make ARG argument optional.
        (TeX-normal-mode): Reset `BibLaTeX-global-style-files' when ARG
        is used.

Mosè Giordano

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