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[AUCTeX-devel] amsthm patch + latex pagestyle

From: Mads Jensen
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] amsthm patch + latex pagestyle
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2013 11:45:41 +0100
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I updated amsthm a bit, and also added support for pagestyle completion
via TeX-complete-list (sorry for merging this into one email, but the
last change doesn't need a separate email, I think).  The complete
ChangeLog entry is:

2013-03-06  Mads Jensen  <address@hidden>

        * style/amsthm.el: Updated copyright year range.
        ("amsthm"): Added regular expression for
        matching newtheoremstyles.  Added completion for        \newthoremstyle.
        The new functions are used in the definition of the macros.
        Added the \swapnumbers macro.  Reformatted entries slightly.
        (TeX-arg-theoremstyle): New function.
        (TeX-arg-define-theoremstyle): New function.

        * latex.el (LaTeX-common-initialization): Added regular expression
        for thispagestyle and pagestyle to `TeX-complete-list'.
Med Venlig Hilsen / Kind Regards,
Mads Jensen
Rubinsteinsvej 31,
DK-2450 Kbh. SV
+45 6168 8518
My brain is my second favorite organ.
      -- Woody Allen

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