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[AUCTeX-devel] Questions about latex.el

From: Ben A .
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Questions about latex.el
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 17:16:35 -0400
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Hi AUCTeX developers,

I have been trying to read and modify latex.el and have a few questions:

1. I wanted to add support for the align and align* environments and had
   some questions about how to do that.

   a. What is the difference between LaTeX-environment-list and
   LaTeX-indent-environment-list?  Also, I could not find where
   LaTeX-environment-list is defined.  

   b. The definition of LaTeX-add-environments doesn't make sense to me.
   While the name is suggestive, what is this function actually doing?

   c. LaTeX-common-initialization calls LaTeX-add-environments with
   hardcoded arguments.  Why are these arguments hardcoded?  Could they
   be set outside this function with defvar or defcustom?

2. I added my custom keybindings to LaTeX-math-list at runtime.
   However, the changes are not refreshed when calling LaTeX-math-mode
   and only were reflected after restarting emacs.  

   a. This seems to be because the codeblock beginning on line 4458 is
   only called when latex.el is loaded.  Could this codeblock be moved
   into a function which is called by LaTeX-math-mode?

   b. Also, there is nothing in the manual about LaTeX-math-list.  This
   seems like something that many users would like to add their custom
   bindings to.

3. I have been wanting to use a modifier key in place of
   LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix so I can produce greek letters by holding
   down a modifier key rather than pressing LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix
   then a letter.  What changes are needed to make this possible?

Much Appreciation,


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