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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] ConTeXt mkiv tex.el

From: Corlos
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] ConTeXt mkiv tex.el
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:49:06 -0500
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Hello Tassilo
I was going to reply but found myself without internet. Imagine that.

 >  a) You suggest to use the context command in the ConTeXt Full entry in
 >     `TeX-command-list' rather than texexec.  Why not also in the
 >     ConTeXt entry?

Of course. You can. And I think it would be the right call. 
mkii is no longer used, so I assume that everyone interested in ConTeXt is 
using the latest. But you raised an interesting question, question (d)

>  b) Will calling the context command also work on older TeX
>     distributions?  Is it available there?

I don't understand the question Tassilo. Are you referring to a TeXLive prior 
to say, 2009? Or a simplified version of what a distribution might include? 

>  c) Can there be ConTeXt documents that can be compiled with texexec
>     but not with context and vice versa?

I think that as long as the ConTeXt installation is after 2009, give or take, 
like you probably confirmed, why wouldn't compile? So no. 

When questions have arise in this respect, The first suggestion by ConTeXt 
developers has been to upgrade ConTeXt, not to downgrade. 

But one can't control either what ConTeXt installation will be. For
example, I have no idea, what ConTeXt version, is included in ubuntu package 
manager. A very limited 476MB TeXLive 2009 is in it, compared to almost 3GB of 
the official TeXLive. The same thing could be with ConTeXt. 

In the sense of distributions and what they decide to include, It's 
understandable, since most operating systems want to crunch as much as 
possible, in a cd or at the most around 1GB in a dvd, and then, not everybody 
is willing to wait an additional two hours for its installation, let alone for 

> Back to your question :  Can there be ConTeXt documents that can be compiled 
> with texexec but not with context and vice versa? 

If your concern is that mkiv is not installed, may I suggest that  you could 
further modify tex.el with something in the lines of ConTeXt mkii and/or 
ConTeXt mkiv, that is, in case mkii is still around, but with mkii no longer 
maintained, in no time, those lines will have to be changed again. 

>  d) Does context have the same command line options as texexec?

I haven't checked. The engine for example, does not need to be
specified. But it does not seem to affect it either. I confirmed some of
them are similar. 

But either way, when you have bash returning (without options) 

        mkiv lua stats  > runtime: 1.145 seconds, 2 processed pages, 2 shipped 
pages, 1.747 pages/second

       system          | total runtime: 1.657

And emacs output buffer returning (with or without --texutil)

mkiv lua stats  > runtime: 1.133 seconds, 2 processed pages, 2 shipped pages, 
1.765 pages/second

system          | total runtime: 1.647

in an identical file, everything is good. These are pdf files, not just
dvi. And the hardware running it, is just middle of the road 2GB RAM with not 
even 2GH processor.

But before I forget to mention it, context.el must be modified just like it is 
in my repo, or similarly, but it must be changed. 
Also, String-match works in <texexec> with the few lines that were modified in 
context.el, not in <context> though, but with the same token, regardless of the 
func in tex-buf.el , this should be the least of the concerns, since C-c C-c 
returns the viewer in both: <texexec> and <context>, as long as pdf-mode is 
enabled in the end. (To be exact, The latter only applies to <context>, since 
the modified <context.el> automatically returns the viewer (Command:( default 
View)), so enabling pdf-mode is not necessary.

> FWIW, on my system with TeX Live 2013, context doesn't seem to work:
> ,----
> | % context cnt.tex                    
> | 
> | mtxrun          | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua'
> `----

> That might be due to some missing TeX Live package (as said, I don't use
> ConTeXt), but at least it demonstrates that just changing texexec to
> context is not enough.

 Off the top of my head, you are missing ruby.

Take care Tassilo. I will ask some ConTeXt developers about the mkii and
mkiv compatibility just to confirm what I've said. Have a good one. 

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