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[AUCTeX-devel] Implementing TeX-previous-error

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Implementing TeX-previous-error
Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 22:49:13 +0200

Hi all,

in the wake of improving error parsing, I decided to make
TeX-previous-error work at last.  Attached you can find the patch I
wrote.  It should work but I haven't tested thoroughly.

Here is a brief description of the mechanism.  `TeX-parse-error'
returns non-nil when an error or a warning is found, so it can be used
to parse the whole log using a `while' loop.  All relevant information
about errors and warnings are stored in `TeX-error-list'.  The parsing
of the whole log is automatically run in `TeX-TeX-sentinel' and
`TeX-LaTeX-sentinel'.  So, `TeX-next-error' and `TeX-previous-error'
can move back and forth in `TeX-error-list' and they can also take a
numerical argument to move N errors forwards or backwards.  Setting
the variable `TeX-parse-all-errors' to nil (it's t by default)
restores the current behavior of all functions (and
`TeX-previous-error' won't work anymore).  The ChangeLog entry should
help to grasp the changes done.  It seems I implemented what's
suggested by the third last item of the wishlist, but without markers
(using markers would require to actually visit all errors and

The long term idea is to provide the user a clickable error overview,
which is one of the features I miss most from other *TeX editors.
This is also the third item of our wishlist.  The new variable
`TeX-error-list' should suffice to create the overview, but I don't
know how technically do it, thus any suggestion will be welcome :-)

Comments, ideas, suggestions?  If this feature is too experimental I
can create a branch in the AUCTeX git repository for testing.


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