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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] generalised paren-forward-sexp

From: Thibaut Verron
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] generalised paren-forward-sexp
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2014 14:28:15 +0000 (UTC)
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Tassilo Horn <tsdh <at>> writes:

> Lars Madsen <daleif <at>> writes:
> Hi Lars,
> > Does anyone know about a generalized paren-forward-sexp functionality?

You should have a look at smart-parens: 
, which includes a rather extensive list of pairs for latex.

> I guess you are looking for SMIE: (info "(elisp)SMIE")
> I think that would indeed be a nice feature.  However, SMIE is only
> available in pretty recent GNU Emacs version and not at all with XEmacs.
> So that feature would need to be provided in a separate file, e.g.,
> tex-smie.el.

SMIE would be overkill here, and I believe that using it merely for pair 
matching would still require to be very careful not to break the existing 
indentation features in AUCTeX.



PS. Just for the lulz, if the idea was to reimplement the whole AUCTeX 
indentation engine using SMIE, you would soon have a lot of problems, because 
*tex can be really hard to parse (source: ). Basically, you would end up 
rewriting a *tex engine in the parser for your BNF grammar...

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