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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] extended reftex-search-document

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] extended reftex-search-document
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 16:38:51 +0100
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Lars Madsen <address@hidden> writes:

> hmm, it sort of works, at least no errors
> But If I just add 
> sdfa s asdf sadf : sadfadfsdaf
> to a file and then search for space-colon, then it does not always find it

Not sure what's the problem.  I actually don't use tags-search and know
only what I've found out when answering your questions.  When doing so,
I sometimes also had the problem that I got a user-error "All files
processed" although there were new matches after point or later files.

A good thing to help debugging is setting `tags-loop-scan' to a form

    `(my-tags-loop-scan-fn ,regex)

where `my-tags-loop-scan-fn' is something like

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
(defun my-tags-loop-scan-fn (regexp)
  (and (re-search-forward regexp nil t)
       (let ((comment-start-skip "\\(\\(^\\|[^\\
]\\)\\(\\\\\\\\\\)*\\)\\(%+[    ]*\\)"))
         (not (texmathp)))))
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Then you can edebug `my-tags-loop-scan-fn' to see what etags is doing.


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