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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] [PATCH v3]: Merge /preview/ into top-level

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] [PATCH v3]: Merge /preview/ into top-level
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 09:08:16 +0100
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Mosè Giordano <address@hidden> writes:

>> BTW, while we are at it, simplify-TeX-parse-error looks like a
>> feature branch to me, and I personally find that continuous merges
>> with master hide the progress on that branch: I would prefer to see
>> it regularly rebased onto master, rather than merged, as the history
>> (as in git log) would be IMO easier to follow; master could then be
>> finally merged with simplify-TeX-parse-error when that feature gets
>> ready.
> Agreed, Tassilo, what do you think?

Yes, I should have rebased it onto master instead of merged master.  But
when I do

  % git rebase master

in simplify-TeX-parse-error now, I get a conflict that's much more
complex than the actual diff between master and

> Actually, I'd like to see this feature merged into master at some
> point.  The last time I tested it, the new TeX-parse-TeX was able to
> catch some more errors (and some less) than the old one.
> `TeX-file-line-error' is great, but ideally AUCTeX should be able to
> catch all errors by itself.

simplify-TeX-parse-error's `TeX-parse-error' is, as its name suggests,
much simpler than master's, at least what's wrt the regexes.  That's
because I improved `TeX-format-filter' a bit so that `TeX-parse-error'
has an easier job to do.

At least on my system, I don't get any TeX errors anymore where AUCTeX
jumps to the wrong file/location.  But I just tested it with my
documents, Emacs and TeX installation, so I wouldn't bet it'll work for

I'd be fine with merging simplify-TeX-parse-error into master (or just
applying the diff onto master so that the merge commits don't make it
into master's history) now, and then fix bugs there as they are

However, David pointed out that preview has its own error parsing
facilities which are more sophisticated than the one in tex-buf.el.  So
in the longer term, we might want to have a look at those and see if
they can be factored out to be used by "normal" AUCTeX and preview.


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