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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] sync 11.88 with xemacs off pkg, Mosè's patch

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] sync 11.88 with xemacs off pkg, Mosè's patch
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 09:14:33 +0100
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Mosè Giordano <address@hidden> writes:

>> I had some problems with mercurial but I presume they are now
>> resolved.  So I can start next weekend the synchronisation of 11.88
>> with the latest official xemacs pkg.
>> However I want to consider a version in which Mosè's latest patch
>> concerning backward compatibility with LaTeX-label is guaranteed.
>> However this is not strictly version 11.88 but 11.88+
>> Any suggestions? Release aehm 11.89?
> While the version of AUCTeX should indicate only a very specific
> revision of the code (it's important for bug reporting), I think it's
> ok to distribute a package of AUCTeX N.M + a small set of patches as
> N.M, that's what some GNU/Linux distros and even ELPA do, after all.

I agree.  Just release 11.88 or even better 11.88.1.  The latter
major.minor.micro scheme is what I also use for the ELPA package.  That
indicates clearly that it's the official 11.88 release + a bit more.  Of
course, then people that use both XEmacs with your auctex package and
Emacs with the ELPA package could falsely assume that xemacs-auctex
x.y.z and elpa-auctex x.y.z are identical, but I think we can just
ignore that.


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