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[AUCTeX-devel] "We don't have an error parser for ConTeXt"

From: Carlos
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] "We don't have an error parser for ConTeXt"
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2015 05:44:09 -0400
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> We don't have an error parser for ConTeXt.  If nothing tells AUCTeX
> there are errors, AUCTeX will tell you there are no errors even if
> errors are there.


You know, I thought about what you said earlier... and let's put aside 
'context' as it's
currently implemented in AucTeX.

Now, say for example, you define 'mkiv' in the main file, and replace the 
following in
context.el with:

(defun TeX-ConTeXt-sentinel (process name)
  "Cleanup TeX output buffer after running ConTeXt."
  (cond ((TeX-TeX-sentinel-check process name))
           ;; in a full ConTeXt run there will multiple texutil
           ;; outputs. Just looking for "another run needed" would
           ;; find the first occurence
           (unless(or TeX-error-file)
             (push nil TeX-error-file )
             (if (looking-at "")
                 (setq error-found t)
               (setq TeX-current-page)))
                       (TeX-next-error )))))

And that, that right there, should give you a true value.
Please note, the auctex I'm running is about a week old or something to
that effect. So side effects should be mild if any. 

Let's enter an undefined sequence in a file, (under mkiv, of course),
such as `\abcdef`  and it should return the results after
compilation. Remove the undefined `\abcdef` and it should return the
results too, as expected. You can do the same with say, an environment
used by latex, unrecognized by context of course. 

You know, if there was a cheat sheet I could have at my disposal with all
definitions, it would be great. (I don't know, something I thought about).

Anyhow. Take care Mosè, Guys have a good one.

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