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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Changing TeX-doc?

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Changing TeX-doc?
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2016 22:13:09 +0100

Hi Arash,

2016-02-03 22:05 GMT+01:00 Arash Esbati <address@hidden>:
> Arash Esbati <address@hidden> writes:
>> On Win, texdoc -l returns the paths with `\' as separators.  I could fix
>> it with adding `\\' to the regexp:
>>   "^ *\\([0-9]+\\) +\\([-~/a-zA-Z0-9_.${}#%,:\\]+\\)" nil t)
>> I wonder how it works for people with a space in their path to TeXLive.
> Following up myself, I think the regexp is still not suitable for
> Windows.  I don't use MikTeX but if I get it right, MikTeX installs into
>   C:\Program Files (x86)\MikTeX 2.9
> Hence, the regexp for the file name should also match `space' and `()' --
> respective patch is attached.

Thanks for taking time to look at this and cooking a patch, that has
been installed.

Given the output of texdoc, probably a much simpler regexp like

     "^ *\\([0-9]+\\) +\\(.*\\)$"

would work as well.  If there will be the need to change the current
regexp to accommodate further corner cases we may think about it.


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