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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] patch with improved commit message

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] patch with improved commit message
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 18:22:59 +0200
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Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Uwe,

> Here is a patch, this time completely done with hg, please tell me
> whether this format is ok, if not I give hg up for providing patches

It is technically ok, and I've committed it.  However, I had to rework
some parts afterwards (see below).  I just didn't want to request yet
another new version of the patch when it is much easier and less
time-consuming for both of us to do it myself.

So take the following as suggestions for future contributions.

> -Lastly, @AUCTeX{} with Emacs 25 or later can display certain math macros
> -using Unicode characters.  That's called prettification.
> +Another tool to obtain more WYSIWYG feeling is to set
> address@hidden to @code{invisible} so that the
> address@hidden and @code{_} in sub and superscripts are not displayed.

I changed that to a more general statement instead of describing just
one very special value here.  Also I added a reference to the node which
discusses the variable.

> +Lastly, @AUCTeX{} with GNU Emacs 25 or later can display certain math
> +macros using Unicode characters.  That's called prettification and is
> +pretty lightweight and reasonable robust, however it only provides a
> +limited WYSIWYG feature compared to @previewlatex{} a subsystem of
> address@hidden, see @ref{Top,,Introduction,preview-latex,The @previewlatex{}
> +Manual} which let LaTeX generate images that are displayed in your
> +buffer.  It is extremely accurate but sometimes fragile with some
> +packages.  Please note that you can use prettification and preview-latex
> +together.

I've split that into two paragraphs and added a reference to the
prettification node.

> -Note that this feature is not available on XEmacs, for which it is
> -disabled per default.  In GNU Emacs raising and lowering is not enabled
> -for versions 21.3 and before due to it working not properly.
> +In addition you can configure Emacs so that the @code{^} and @code{_} in
> +sub and superscripts are not displayed.  To enable that feature you have
> +to set the variable @code{font-latex-fontify-script} to
> address@hidden  Another possiblity is setting this variable to
> +the symbol @code{multi-level}, then y is raised above x, and z is raised
> +above y.  With many script levels, the text might become too small to be
> +readable.

I extended the description to be in the order non-nil, multi-level, and
invisible because that's the order from less to more "eye-candy".  Also,
you reference x, y, and z but that example formula isn't there at all.
I've added it.

>  @defopt font-latex-script-display
>  Display specification for subscript and superscript content.  The car is
>  used for subscript, the cdr is used for superscript.  The feature is
>  implemented using so-called display properties.  For information on what
> -exactly to specify for the values, see @ref{Other Display Specs, , Other
> +exactly to specify for the values, see @xref{Other Display Specs, , Other

I changed that back to @ref since @xref{} is only for references at the
beginning of a sentence.


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