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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Proposal for changes in error overview window managem

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Proposal for changes in error overview window management
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018 01:14:40 +0200

Hi Juanjo,

2018-04-19 8:31 GMT+02:00 Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
> Dear all,
> I am submitting a proposal for a patch of the current handling of
> TeX-error-overview windows. Currently this management is very agressive and
> overrides any strategy the user wishes to set up using display-buffer-alist.

Admittedly, window management of the error overview is not perfect, I
always wanted to improve it but never had the time.  Your effort is welcome.

> Let me show an example:
> * I set display-buffer-alist to use popup windows for the error overview.
> * I compile the latex and produce an error overview.
> * I edit and recompile.
> * AucTeX kills the buffer but not the window before compilation
> * Compilation proceeds and a *new* window with an error overview is
> produced.

Yes, this is something I don't like either.

> The patch solves this by using only display-buffer. pop-up-buffer and
> quit-window (which knows the right strategy to take when a buffer is to be
> hidden or closed), together with set-window to change context. In current
> Emacs there is no need to manage frames and windows separately: set-window
> changes the focus to the right frame.

What I don't like about your approach is that it changes the behavior
of `TeX-error-overview-goto-source'.  I really want to keep the error
overview active while navigating through the list of errors/warnings
with `n' and `p', I don't want the frame to go away.  In addition,
when the the error overview is displayed, now the echo area shows
"nil", I didn't get why.

Besides the comments about the patch, note that AUCTeX is part of the
GNU project.  Thus, you'd have to transfer the copyright of your
contributions to the Free Software Foundation and accept to release
your contributions under the terms of the GPL v3 license.  If you're
willing to do so, please fill the form at;a=blob;f=doc/Copyright/request-assign.future;hb=HEAD
and send it to address@hidden  Indicate Emacs as program, because
this will cover both Emacs and AUCTeX (and any other package in GNU


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