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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] TeXLive 2019 update broke preview-latex (was Re: Type

From: jfbu
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] TeXLive 2019 update broke preview-latex (was Re: Typeset LaTeX files with non-ascii file name in TeXLive 2018)
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2019 09:46:15 +0200
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Le 08/10/2019 à 06:44, Ikumi Keita a écrit :
Hi Jean, thank you for detailed explanation.

jfbu <address@hidden> writes:
Le 07/10/2019 à 22:14, jfbu a écrit :
if /AUCTEXINPUT starts using \input{\detokenize{##1}} then
its invocation in preview-undump-replacements() should not
add extra leading and trailing spaces else we will have same problem

i.e. the line

        preview-format-name " \"/AUCTEXINPUT{\" \\3 \"}\"")))

in preview.el

should, if I understand correctly the syntax be

        preview-format-name " \"/AUCTEXINPUT{\"\\3\"}\"")))

(the kept \" pair if for LaTeX earlier than 2019-10-01 to
support spaces in filenames \input{"a b c.tex"} works
but \input{a b c.tex} works only since LaTeX 2019-10-01}

But perhaps there is Windows issue with \"<space> ??????

Yeah.  If I drop the spaces around the file name of
"\detokenize{" %t "}"
in `preview-LaTeX-command' thus turning it into
, w32 shell (cmd.exe) does not process the quotes as expected when the
file name contains space:

| Running `Preview-LaTeX' on `file with space' with ``pdflatex  -file-line-error   
 "\input" "\detokenize{"^"\^"file with space.tex\^"^""}"''
| ! Unbalanced quotes in argument space.tex"}
| TeX Output exited as expected with code 1 at Tue Oct  8 13:18:06
| LaTeX: LaTeX found no preview images

I personally don't think it's worth working on for file name beginning
with a space now.

Hi Keita,

I need to apologize. I misled you about actual patch having problem
with filename starting with space.

The actual form of command line invocation issued by preview differs
from what I tested (on mac os x)

I reported that using

$ pdflatex "\input\detokenize{ test.tex}"

but in fact what I should have tested the actual invocation
being used by AUCTeX and this is something else

Dropping all extras related to LaTeX preview package this is something like

$ pdflatex "\input" "\detokenize{" \"\ test\ e\́e\́e\́\ .tex\" "}"

where I added non-ascii in file name for good measure

I had forgotten mainly the \"...\".

and this succeeds on my mac os x.

The rest of the toolchain (using ghostscript for image snippets)
seems to work fine.

However syntax highlighting in the LaTeX-mode buffer with filename
starting with space is off and Emacs dired buffer has problems
I have to use C-xC-f to open file in a buffer.

Sorry about possibly causing delays



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