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[] potential topics for a "Make for Autonomy"

From: Luis Villa
Subject: [] potential topics for a "Make for Autonomy"
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 19:18:42 -0700

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 4:30 PM, Luis Villa <address@hidden> wrote:
> If you want to move the needle a bit, one potential direction to go is
> to become the Lifehacker or Make for autonomy-interested people:
> regular blog posts on how to live a more autonomous lifestyle.
> Document the middle ground between "be a digital hermit" or "step 1:
> touch index.php step 2: emacs index.php&"  Give instructions that say
> "to help your autonomy, install X, do Y, and then talk to your friends
> via Z." Or could sometimes be "I installed X, did Y, and found that I
> still needed Z, I hope some folks will start hacking on Z."

Overriding theme: how do you make being autonomous *possible* with the
tools already around us? How do you make it maximally interactive with
the non-autonomous world? Where the tools around us aren't enough, how
can motivated hackers actually engage with right now without being
quite Evan-level awesome (i.e., without starting a new service from
the ground up)?

Some potential topics:

1) How do I do offsite backups in a maximally autonomous way (ideally
without being a 1337 sysadmin?)
2) How do I migrate from to a self-hosted statusnet server?
Not just show me how to install, but show me how to (socially?
technically?) move my old subscribers/subscriptions over.
3) What's the best setup for hosting my pictures autonomously? (not
just technical- what social hacks will get your facebook-addicted
family to actually see self-hosted pictures once you post them?) (The
more philosophically inclined could do a separate post to riff off
this on the ethics of reposting from identica/gallery to facebook.)
4) What tips and tricks are there to make an Android phone or a Linux
desktop autonomous-friendly? (e.g., for
Android; self-hosted Firefox Sync for desktop + Fennec?)
5) What's the latest news from Freedombox? From diaspora? Review their
new releases, tell me when it's something I could usefully host at

If I were editor-in-chief, no posts would be allowed that concluded
with "well, not all your friends will speak to you anymore, but.." and
ideally none would be allowed that *required* opening a text editor
(though of course you could always close with recommendations on where
someone with an IDE could be helpful.) We should admit that this is
hard; we can be critical of our friends; but we should strive to be

It'd be nice if it were easy to publish posts to the wiki afterwards
for later third-party updates and edits, but that's icing.


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