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Re: [] potential topics for a "Make for Autonomy"

From: RhinoKitty
Subject: Re: [] potential topics for a "Make for Autonomy"
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 19:52:52 -0700
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On 04/15/2011 07:18 PM, Luis Villa wrote:
On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 4:30 PM, Luis Villa<address@hidden>  wrote:
If you want to move the needle a bit, one potential direction to go is
to become the Lifehacker or Make for autonomy-interested people:
regular blog posts on how to live a more autonomous lifestyle.
Document the middle ground between "be a digital hermit" or "step 1:
touch index.php step 2: emacs index.php&"  Give instructions that say
"to help your autonomy, install X, do Y, and then talk to your friends
via Z." Or could sometimes be "I installed X, did Y, and found that I
still needed Z, I hope some folks will start hacking on Z."
Overriding theme: how do you make being autonomous *possible* with the
tools already around us? How do you make it maximally interactive with
the non-autonomous world? Where the tools around us aren't enough, how
can motivated hackers actually engage with right now without being
quite Evan-level awesome (i.e., without starting a new service from
the ground up)?

Some potential topics:

1) How do I do offsite backups in a maximally autonomous way (ideally
without being a 1337 sysadmin?)
2) How do I migrate from to a self-hosted statusnet server?
Not just show me how to install, but show me how to (socially?
technically?) move my old subscribers/subscriptions over.
3) What's the best setup for hosting my pictures autonomously? (not
just technical- what social hacks will get your facebook-addicted
family to actually see self-hosted pictures once you post them?) (The
more philosophically inclined could do a separate post to riff off
this on the ethics of reposting from identica/gallery to facebook.)
The social engineering here would be to play up the "geek cred" that comes with being the person in your group of friends that runs autonomous services for a small circle of friends. The appeal is that it is truly exclusive, in the way Facebook only claims to be. You have to target the right "vanguard" group, but activists come to mind first. What is IndyMedia doing these days? The "use case"? Imagine "Mark." Mark sets up a Diaspora pod that is running on a server in his livingroom. His friends can login from their phones or their homes. The Wireless at Mark's house is running on 510pen, a community wireless mesh. Mark runs location based services that aren't creepy, because he knows that all of the data is on his server at home, and without a warrant or some really good hacking skills, no one can get his friend's data. People feel more connected to friends. The circle of friends comes up with a name for themselves and a secret handshake. Its like being a kid in a fort again. Fun, safe and a way to hang out with your friends without the "authorities" looking over your every move. Heck, you could even call the software bundle "TreeFort."
4) What tips and tricks are there to make an Android phone or a Linux
desktop autonomous-friendly? (e.g., for
Android; self-hosted Firefox Sync for desktop + Fennec?)
5) What's the latest news from Freedombox? From diaspora? Review their
new releases, tell me when it's something I could usefully host at

If I were editor-in-chief, no posts would be allowed that concluded
with "well, not all your friends will speak to you anymore, but.." and
ideally none would be allowed that *required* opening a text editor
(though of course you could always close with recommendations on where
someone with an IDE could be helpful.) We should admit that this is
hard; we can be critical of our friends; but we should strive to be

It'd be nice if it were easy to publish posts to the wiki afterwards
for later third-party updates and edits, but that's icing.


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