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[] Sent from my high-horse

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [] Sent from my high-horse
Date: Wed, 04 May 2011 15:40:48 -0400
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A new FooCorp thing we've been doing a for a few days now, we'd like to
encourage you all to join us.

Sick of emails that tell you they're sent from iPads, iPhones, Android
devices or BlackBerrys?

Sick of top-posted emails, emails sent with HTML to a mailing list, or
poorly formatted emails in general?

Introducing "Sent from my high-horse" -- a great way to rail against all this and more. Just change your email signature to include the phrase "Sent from my high-horse" and optionally, a link to and the rest takes care of itself.



Sent from my high-horse.

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