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Re: [] [okfn-discuss] Wikipedia as SaaS by the OSSD?

From: Rob Myers
Subject: Re: [] [okfn-discuss] Wikipedia as SaaS by the OSSD?
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:22:55 +0000
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On 19/12/12 21:15, Mike Linksvayer wrote:

The RMS definition hinges on whether someone else is doing "your
computing", and you shouldn't allow this. OSSD (and the complementary
Franklin Street Statement, which FSF associated people participated
in, and FSF hosted a meeting around; see the site) is
orthogonal. Whether someone else's computer is doing something
narrowly defined as your computing or not is not pertinent. Rather, is
the service publishing its source as free software/open source, and is
non-private data open knowledge?

Yes Stallman explicity states in his essay that proprietary/free is orthogonal to SaaS, and that not all network services are SaaS.

I would argue that merely storing and accessing Open Data on someone else's servers "isn't your own computing except in a trivial sense". It's communication or storage. So the OSSD isn't necessarily trying to square a circle.

But by the time we get to a simple SPARQL query, it looks very much like we are doing our computing on someone else's servers.

- Rob.

PS - For me the classic example of SaaS that "everyone knows" is Google Docs, which Stallman does mention.

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