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Re: [] Meet during LibrePlanet 2013?

From: Matt Lee
Subject: Re: [] Meet during LibrePlanet 2013?
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 18:45:18 -0500

I found a venue -- my employer is willing to host.

I'm provisionally organizing this from 4pm - 7pm on the Sunday of LibrePlanet. The location is in downtown Boston, and we'll have a quiet space, plus phones and a projector for people remotely to call in. I think we'll even have a phone conference number to dial in. There'll be Wi-fi too.

So far, I have:

Matt Lee
Chris Webber
Jason Self
Mako Hill
Bernie Innocenti

As the people who'll come to the office... let me know if you're interested in attending the in-person meeting, as you'll need to be on the security list to enter the building. Photo ID is also probably required.

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