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Re: [] Meet during LibrePlanet 2013?

From: Bernie Innocenti
Subject: Re: [] Meet during LibrePlanet 2013?
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 00:11:26 -0400
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On 03/23/13 11:35, Thomas Dukleth wrote:
> Beyond the issue of defining what freedom is in a network services
> context, there is the problem of software and data sharing designs which
> better support user freedom in the context than conventional remote
> computing design.  I will bring some thoughts about some design concepts
> which may help to the meeting.

In addition to a better definition of what constitutes a Free Service,
the output that I'm hoping to get from this meeting is a short and
actionable plan a bit like the GNU Manifesto of the 80s, of course
rethought to take into account today's network-centric computing model.

The Franklin Street Statement is a pretty good start, but it lacks the
"actionable plan" part. In my mind, the modern equivalent of writing an
entirely free UNIX operating system would involve reinventing the social
web with peer-to-peer and federated services that give back control to
users in a meaningful way.

At least in part, this is already possible today using existing
technologies. OTOH, so far I've yet to see a project with a solid
strategy for sustainability and user adoption of Free Services for
billions of users, the scale at which popular web services operate
today. Is this even possible? If someone has ideas, I'd love to hear
them tomorrow.

 _ // Bernie Innocenti

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