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Re: [] FSF is hiring: outreach and communication coordinator

From: Danyl Strype
Subject: Re: [] FSF is hiring: outreach and communication coordinator
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 04:42:14 +1200

Kia ora

On 2 May 2013 01:21, Hubert Figuière <address@hidden> wrote:
Still requires the proprietary plugin and the infamous "Real name"
arbitrary policy that is know to prevent people using their real name to
use the service until they send a copy of their ID to Google... [1]

I agree the 'real name' policy is crap when Google does it, just like it's crap when FarceBook does it. To be precise though, according to the message from Google in your link (, this policy applies to G+, and a number of other products that are being dropped (eg Reader). AFAIK You can use Hangouts from GMail under any name you like.
They don't use WebRTC yet.

My mistake. It seems pretty inevitable that they will though, as soon as enough of the major browsers are shipping with built-in WebRTC support. It's already in Chrome and Firefox for Android. Opera have been working on integration since July last year (, for both desktop and mobile. It will be rolled out in the next release of desktop Firefox (, which will make it available to about half of web users. Microsoft and Apple will drag their feet (it's potentially bad news for Skype and Facetime), but it's being defined as a W3C standard. and in the meantime, anyone who wants to use WebRTC on Windows, MacOSX or iOS can install one of the browsers which already supports it. By the time version 1.0 of the standard is official, IE and Safari will be shamed into supporting it, whether they like it or not, or risk losing even more users to the free code browsers (or Opera).

Hangout doesn't [federate]

True, but GChat didn't federate to the Jabber cloud at first, and they got there in the end. Besides, what else is there at present for Hangouts to federate with?
>>  If you are in touch with them though, you could suggest they run their own WebRTC server. I'm now sure about WordPress, but there is already a plug-in for Drupal: <<
See above for why it is bad.

Do you mean Hangouts, or Drucall?

I'll admit I'm playing the devil's advocate in defending Google here. Google are as bad as Canonical and I'm in the process of evaluating alternatives to software and services offered by both of them.

Ma te wā

Danyl Strype
Community Developer

"Geeks are those who partake in our culture."
- .ISOcrates

"Uncomfortable alliances are not just necessary; they reflect and speak to the tremendous possibility of our political moment."
- Harmony Goldberg and Joshua Kahn Russell

"Both Marxists and Chicago-school libertarian economists can agree that free software is the best model."
- Keith C Curtis

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