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Re: [] FSF is hiring: outreach and communication coordinator

From: Hubert Figuière
Subject: Re: [] FSF is hiring: outreach and communication coordinator
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 12:54:46 -0400
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On 01/05/13 12:42 PM, Danyl Strype wrote:

>> Still requires the proprietary plugin and the infamous "Real name"
>> arbitrary policy that is know to prevent people using their real name to
>> use the service until they send a copy of their ID to Google... [1]
> I agree the 'real name' policy is crap when Google does it, just like it's
> crap when FarceBook does it. To be precise though, according to the message
> from Google in your link (
>, this policy
> applies to G+, and a number of other products that are being dropped (eg
> Reader). AFAIK You can use Hangouts from GMail under any name you like.

AFAIK it still require to install a *proprietary* Google plugin. And
they don't support all platforms:

Note that Google Hangout is being advertised as a Google+ feature:

And if you go to
You get told to go to
Which ask you to log into Google+.

If that does not look like a Google+ requirement, then I wonder.

>> They don't use WebRTC yet.
> My mistake. It seems pretty inevitable that they will though, as soon as
> enough of the major browsers are shipping with built-in WebRTC support.

We have seen Google promising and not delivering. Like dropping H264
support in Chrome - to push WebM. Or switching Youtube to HTML5 (still
largely partial). Etc.

So I wouldn't hold my breath.

Sadly WebRTC isn't quite ready yet, but I really hope we start to see
autonomous video conferencing system, possibly with federation so that
we forfeit the dependence on proprietary systems, short of not using
them [1]


[1] I have so far refused to use Skype of Google+ Hangouts for these
reason. Or the A/V Chat from GTalk.

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