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Re: [] FSF is hiring: outreach and communication coordinator

From: Danyl Strype
Subject: Re: [] FSF is hiring: outreach and communication coordinator
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 22:50:44 +1200

Kia ora

On 2 May 2013 06:36, Hubert Figuière <address@hidden> wrote:
>> In short Google Account ISN'T G+ Account. G+ Account IS a Google Account <<

I have had a GMail address for some years. It uses my nickname, not my
real name. It automatically became the username for every Google
service I use, including +, Hangouts, YouTube etc. Maybe the fact I
live in a banana republic at the arse end of the world has spared me?
I don't know.

I fear I'm coming across like something of a Google fanboy. I think we
can agree that Google are getting worse, not better, in many important
respects. I am actively looking for better alternatives to using their
services. Can anyone recommend a free code desktop/ webmail client
which integrates XMPP in a reliable, user-friendly fashion?

>> Remove Flash. Go to Youtube. Count how many video needs to Flash. *hint* the 
>> same one, *embedded* on a third party page work without Flash. <<

I am often testing new GNU/Linux distros, either as LiveUSBs,
installed to HDD, or more recently in VirtualBox. Testing online video
support in the default browser is one the first things I do. YouTube
is one of the few sites that doesn't consistently ask me to install an
Adobe plugin. I could be wrong, but I think your confirmation bias may
be getting the better of you here.

>> Let's answer one question: is WebRTC available in the *released* version of 
>> Firefox (currently 20) and Chrome (no idea which it is these days) ?

If you answer no to either, then you just confirmed what I was saying. <<

I did actually provide this info.

Chrome: yes.

Firefox: " It will be rolled out in the next release of desktop

So *right now* no, but within the next three months yes. Firefox is
made by Mozilla. What does this have to do with Google not delivering?
That was what you were saying, wasn't it?

I agree they are delivering more slowly than I would like in some
areas, and you've alluded to some examples, although I'm not convinced
you've got your facts right on all of them. Referencing some sources
would help clear up the confusion.

>> Also reading the article you linked, they actually don't talk about 
>> implementing WebRTC since H264 isn't part of WebRTC, but rather some
superset that is not free for anyone to implement. <<

I don't think we're reading the same article. The only mention of H264
in that article is at the top, where it mentions that both WebRTC
*and* H264 are  *not* being used in Hangouts.The url again is:

I quote:
"You can already find five types of companies who use WebRTC:

1. Those that acquired a company that uses WebRTC: Telefonica, Jive and Yahoo.
2. Those that were in the VoIP business already and simply added
WebRTC to their arsenal: Vidtel and Blue Jeans come to mind here
3. Those that are hosting their own service that uses WebRTC: Drum,
TenHands, frisB and a few others
4. Those that are offering telephony APIs based on WebRTC so others
can implement their own service
5. Those that are using telephony APIs that rely on WebRTC for their
own services"

Besides, H264 is a codec, *not* a "superset" of WebRTC. In fact,
you've got it backwards. H264 can be used as the video codec for
WebRTC. To create a free implementation of a free code WebRTC
framework that uses H264, you swap it out for Ogg Theora or WebM.

and John Sullivan adds:
>> And unfortunately even the HTML5 version won't play without JavaScript
on, and the JavaScript is proprietary. Not so free after all. :( <<

True, code written in Javascript is often non-free, which I agree is a
problem. Have you actually checked that the chunks of Javascript used
in the HTML5 implementation of YouTube are non-free? Again, it would
be good to see a source referenced.

BTW Being new here, I'm not precisely sure of the topic scope of this
list. I am assuming that the free or non-free statuse of voice/video
chat tools are relevant to an autonomous web experience. Please give
me a gentle nudge if I'm going on about it, or even just being too
pedantic :)


Danyl Strype
Community Developer

"Geeks are those who partake in our culture."
- .ISOcrates

"Uncomfortable alliances are not just necessary; they reflect and
speak to the tremendous possibility of our political moment."
- Harmony Goldberg and Joshua Kahn Russell

"Both Marxists and Chicago-school libertarian economists can agree
that free software is the best model."
- Keith C Curtis

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