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Re: [] [ANN] public-inbox - an "archives first" approach to m

From: Michel Bauwens
Subject: Re: [] [ANN] public-inbox - an "archives first" approach to mailing lists
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 09:26:55 -0500

Dear friends,

I would like your support for the Commons Transition Plan process in Ecuador, which includes policy proposals on open technical infrastructures,

I would really appreciate spreading the links about this project, as we need local and global support from civil society to make it happen,

here is the letter I've sent out:

dear friends,

I woulld like to gather support for the publication of the first integrated transition program to a commons-based society

This transition plan was commissioned by Ecuador and will be accompanied by more than a dozen policy frameworks to enable the creation of open commons in every domain of social activity. 

The main document is here, (the first paragraph explains the institutional background of the project)

and this is a version that is open to commentary and participation:

General info on the project is at ; the policy proposals are here at (

I would really appreciate if you could spread this in your networks, as this is the first example of its kind,

The fight is far from over, and there is a distinct danger that the project would take a pragmatic turn around some token initiatives, while ignoring the cultural change that needs to take place around generative commons. A spanish translation to the framework document has not yet been guaranteed.

By spreading awareness of the commons transition framework you would contribute to the awareness of the context of the proposed changes.

Michel Bauwens, (FLOK research director)

On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 3:22 AM, Eric Wong <address@hidden> wrote:
Mechanism:  git://
   Policy:  git://

All AGPLv3+ and built around my own laziness and hesitation to host a
real mailing list upon the soon-to-be-dead lists I've
relied on for years.

I could've migrated to another Free host (maybe Savannah), but dealing
with the ML/archive migration would be a pain anyways, so making it
pull-based and easy-to-migrate/fork was worth trying.

Since everybody can get the complete archives easily, it should be
easier to build different UIs on top or fork the archives as easily as
forking a software project.  I have had a nice SpamAssassin+IMAP+inotify
setup for many years and good experience with git and Perl, so I built
on top of things I'm already familiar with.

Unfortunately, lists for my Rubyforge projects are largely echo chambers
with few subscribers, I don't have much to lose by trying something
different :)

I'm not trying to take over the world.  This is mainly for users and
hackers of the little projects I run; all of which are already on
email-only workflows and written for other hackers, sysadmins or
terminal junkies.

The best case is this turns into a lossless, compressed NNTP
replacement.  I might do an NNTP server (at least read-only) interface,

The worst case is I end up sending email to subscribers anyways via SMTP
(and VERP looks OK for dealing with bounces), but anybody may also run
that delivery service.

I'll try to update/improve the documentation throughout the week.
Unlike many new projects nowadays, I only depend on software in
Debian stable, so it should be fairly easy-to-install on a lot of
Debian and Debian-based systems.

I also have autonomous-discuss archives mirrored to:

        # If you end up installing ssoma:
        URL="" href="" target="_blank">
        ssoma add autonomous $URL mbox:/tmp/auto.mbox
        ssoma sync
        mutt -f /tmp/auto.mbox # or whatever MUA you use
        # Maildir and IMAP are also supported, I'm not sure what to
        # do about some webmail users, though... :<

There's also an Atom feed, I think that's somewhat popular
at least:

Thanks for reading this far!

Eric Wong

autonomous-discuss mailing list

Please note an intrusion wiped out my inbox on February 8; I have no record of previous communication, proposals, etc ..

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