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Re: [] online conference with libre software

From: Blaise Alleyne
Subject: Re: [] online conference with libre software
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 16:30:21 -0400
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On 17/06/15 08:28 AM, MJ Ray wrote:
> Danyl Strype wrote:
>> online conference (at least voice, but ideally video etc too) using
>> only free code software. I recently discovered this online classroom
>> system which could possibly be adapted to the purpose?
> Does the html5 client work for anyone else?  It doesn't for me and I
> don't have Adobe's Flash installed.

I run a Big Blue Button for work. Last I checked, they'd been working on an
HTML5 solution forever (a few years now at least), but I didn't think it was
ready for prime time. I still assume Flash is a dependency, but it's possible my
information is out of date.

> Something based around webRTC might be an alternative, but I don't know
> a ready-to-run one off the top of my head.
> ?

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