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[Ayttm-users] some changes that i've noticed from eb

From: Philip S Tellis
Subject: [Ayttm-users] some changes that i've noticed from eb
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 01:03:43 +0530 (IST)

first, it seems the devel list isn't active yet, so I'm posting this 
here instead.  if all devels are already on the devel list, then we can 
switch to that instead.

ok, just looked through an entire diff of the yahoo module in ayttm and 
the yahoo module in everybuddy.  I did make changes in eb (core changes 
too) since the fork, so these will have to be merged in.

some things that i noticed which may be pertinent elsewhere:

#include <config.h>  v/s  #include "../../../config.h"

when we do #include <>, gcc will search in the system include path, and 
in all include paths specified using the -I flag.

we have the -I$(top_srcdir) flag appended to gcc for all directories - 
so gcc will search in there for config.h.  This is the correct way to do 
it.  using a relative path with double quotes can lead to problems if 
the file location changes and some other config.h happens to be in the 
place pointed to by ../../../.

Note: <> will ensure that our main config.h file is used and not any 
config.h file that is in the current directory.

Also, do not include config.h in files that don't require it - ie, any 
file that does not have #ifdef statements.

config.h will change everytime we change the version number.  This will 
force all files that depend on config.h to be recompiled.

can we fix the typo bug in eb_parse_incomming_message?

gtk_timeout_add/remove needs to be replaced with eb_timeout_add/remove - 
which needs to be implemented.  I'll do this tomorrow.

start typing/stop typing
we need a reliable way to figure out stop typing.  msn has a timeout, 
yahoo requires an explicit stop typing packet.  right now i'm using a 
timeout after which i send a stop typing packet.  maybe that's the only 
way, or maybe others can think of something.

please post your thoughts on the matters.


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