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[Ayttm-users] IMPORTANT Instructions for CVS users

From: Philip S Tellis
Subject: [Ayttm-users] IMPORTANT Instructions for CVS users
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 18:48:09 +0530 (IST)

We have just renamed Yattm to Ayttm!  What this means is that several 
filenames and paths in the program have also changed.

If you use CVS, follow these instructions *before* running cvs update:

1. inside your ayttm top level directory, as root:
make uninstall

you might also want to do a make clean.

2. for every user that has a .yattm directory:

mv .yattm .ayttm
cd .ayttm
perl -pi -e 's/yattm/ayttm/g' prefs menurc

3. now you may do cvs up

4. in the prefs section, for sound files, change the path for soundfiles 
from sounds/ayttm to ayttm/sounds

build as usual, and run ayttm instead of yattm.

New users don't have to change a think a thing.


On a clear disk you can seek forever.

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