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[Ayttm-users] Ayttm 0.2.1 released

From: Colin Leroy
Subject: [Ayttm-users] Ayttm 0.2.1 released
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 03:20:36 +0100


0.2.1 has been released. You can get it at 

* Important notes about this release
- There has been a name change. People trying out Ayttm for
  the first time do not care, but people upgrading from an
  older version should do the following:
  make uninstall (in the old version source)
  mv ~/.yattm ~/.ayttm
  cd ~/.ayttm
  perl -pi -e 's/yattm/ayttm/g' prefs menurc
  perl -pi -e 's/sounds\/ayttm/ayttm\/sounds/g' prefs

* Bugfixes 
- code cleanups
- some memleaks plugged
- some segfaults fixed
- Decoding bugs (Utf8 messages in Yahoo!, Utf8 
  friendlynames in MSN) fixed 
- Default focuses should be in the first text field of 
  each window
- Conversation restoring improved
- Default browser changed to mozilla (old code didn't work)
- No more log file overwrite when you rename a contact
- Font strangenesses (size reset to defaults, ...) fixed

* New Features
- Name change :)
- Bring Ayttm in front in case of duplicate launch
- Better lists handling in MSN
- Group handling in MSN
- Check account validity when adding a friend
- MSN smileys are back, copyright free this time
- Chatrooms improvements: multiline edit, smiley selector,
  timestamping, Typing... status support, * and protocol in 
  window title, nicer default name
- Ispell dictionnary specifiable
- Crash handler (enabled by default) - pops the stacktrace up
  if Ayttm segfaults

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